Agnes De Mule
Owned and driven by Kathleen Conklin
aided and abetted by Jeff Morse from time to time

Agnes and John henry @ SDA Clinic  Agnes and John Henry @ ASDA Clinic 2007

Agnes is hitched on the far side. These photos are from theei first outing as a pair with other horses

at the Saratoga Driving Association's 2007 Spring Pleasure Driving Clinic

at Aker's Acres in Valatie, NY.

John Henry, born in 1991, is a 16-2H, 1500 lb John [gelding]

Mule out of a Percheron mare by an American Mammoth Donkey

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Kathleen Conklin:
Kathleen's Blanket Cleaning & Repair and Custom Made Mounted Police Equipment Web Site

John Henry's home page     Photo albums of John Henry


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