Gaitwood Garmisch
(Br. 1979, Gallant Lee X Nashoba Amy)

Complete Pedigree
Owned and trained for carriage driving by Jeff Morse

2001 New England Morgan Horse Show

heading for the Finish Line in the Friday Night Scurry

Karen Marwin~ whip
1998 Green Mountain Horse Association Pleasure Show

Kathleen Conklin - whip
2000 Green Mountain Horse Association Carriage Classic
Garmisch is 21 years old in this photo!

Dimity Webster - up
**1987** Connecticut Morgan Horse Show
winning the Amateur English Pleasure Class

Gaitwood Garmisch winning 4 Yr. Old Stallions at
**1983** Granite State Morgan Show

Garmisch was one of those special horses that exemplifies the true versatility of the Morgan breed.

He was a Champion in the In Hand Divisions both as a stallion and a gelding.

In the performance divisions he was both ridden and driven to championships as a Park horse,

an English Pleasure horse and a Classic Pleasure horse at the Morgan breed shows.

Special: Photos of Garmisch Ski-joring

Garmisch has competed as a carriage driving horse in Morgan breed shows and open competitions for Karen Marwin, an amateur driver who had never even touched a horse until she began driving Garmisch 1993. He won championships for amateur drivers, Kathleen Conklin and Hillary Hart, who took great care of Garmisch at Green Meads Farm from 2000. I also competed Garmisch to many championships as a carriage driving horse, both in open and Morgan competitions. Garmisch taught many carriage driving lessons and always gave each of his students a good drive.

He taught me a lot about the sport and about driving in general. For that invaluable experience, I will be forever thankful.

Garmisch was retired in 2003 and he and his pasture mate, Questfound Oceania , enjoyed complete freedom to just be horses.

They were turned out on a southeast facing hillside pasture with one of the best views in Berkshire County.

Together they represented over 50 years of competition experience. Gaitwood Garmisch died peacefully in his pasture on May 11, 2005.

I'd like to especially thank Dimity and Wayne Webster who took such good care of Garmisch most of his life

and provided the opportunity for Garmisch to live at Green Meads Farm and to Tim and Jane Morrell who gave

Garmisch much of his early basic training.

I'd like to thank all the judges who liked him enough to put him on top so many times.

Every once in a while I am fortunate enough to be involved with one of those great horses by whom one measures all the rest.

Garmisch was one of those.

This is only a small sampling of his wins:

2000 & 2001 VT Morgan Show - Rs. Open Singles Champion,
2000 & 2001 Saratoga Driving Association Carriage Show - Large Pony Champion. Morgan Breed Champion
2000 Lorenzo Driving Competition - High Point Gentleman's Entry
2001 New England Morgan Horse Show - Sec C: Champion Carriage Obstacle. Res. Overall Carriage Champion
2001 Mass Morgan Horse Show - Sec B: Overall High Point Champion Carriage, Rs. Obstacle Champion
2000 Green Mt. Horse Association Classic - Rs. Show Champion, Pony Champion, driven by Kathleen Conklin
2000 Saratoga Driving Trial -  Pony Champion, Preliminary Champion


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