Green Meads Farm
Richmond, Massachusetts ~ USA

Fletcher Phoenix

Reg. # 96768 ~ Foaled: 03-10-1984 ~ Gelding ~ 15 hands

FLASH: We found a great new home for Fletcher Phoenix!

Congratulations and a big Thank You! to his new owner:

Vivian Hall of Troy, PA


The owners of this nice gelding have switched their interest to field hunters and wish to give this nice gelding away to someone who can use him.

I have had him here for about 6 or 7 weeks and given carriage driving lessons with him about 10 times to rank beginners and had great success.

We drive him as a carriage horse about 3-4 times per week and he’s just super at it.

He hadn’t been used for a few years so he is still muscling up and getting his wind back but he is quiet, mannerly and never puts an ear back.

He has an old bow on his left front but that has actually gone down considerably with this work routine.

He’s sound to work. He needs to put on some more weight but is gaining that fast. He’s happy to be useful again!


He super in the barn, turned out with other horses, grooming, clipping  bathing…. he knows his job.

He’s really a sweet horse.

He’d be a great companion horse that you could trail ride or drive for recreation.

He’s had his teeth done recently, he’s been wormed twice since he’s been here. He’s healthy and ready to go. Just a nice soul.

If you think you can give him a good home, contact me. Located on the NY/MA line, 30 miles from Albany, NY



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