Green Meads Farm
Richmond, Massachusetts ~ USA

Equinox Isabelle
(Equinox Beaubrook x Equinox Courabelle)
 Owned by Cynthia Larsen
Manchester, VT

Equinox Isabelle @ GMHA 2003
Photos: Spectrum Photography

Gina + Isabelle @ GMHA 2003 Gina + Isabelle @ GMHA 2003

Equinox Isabelle was owned and expertly driven by Gina Handy of Gansevoort , NY. from 2002 through 2005 We congratulate her new owner, Cynthia Larsen of Wells, VT. and wish Isabelle the best in her new role as a therapeutic riding and driving horse for kids with learning disabilities.

Gina and Isabelle won the 2004 GMHA Ladies to Drive Pleasure Class.

This was the largest class of the show with many, many outstanding turnouts.

Hard work, dedication and perseverance DOES payoff!

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